What’s the Best Way to Manage Your Boss?

Do you manage your boss or do you let your boss manage you? To get the best from your job and your career, it needs to be a two-way relationship. I believe that there are ten key things that you can do to take responsibility for the relationship. We’ll cover the first five in this blog and then bring you the other five in another post.

Here are five things you need to consider, if you’re going to get ahead:

  1. Know your strengths. Ask yourself these questions:
    1. What are you really good at?
    2. What are your energising strengths – the things that you do which give you energy, rather than draining you? (Check out the final section of this newsletter for more on this.)
    3. What is your boss really good at?
    4. How are you the same or different from your boss? Think about things like your industry experience, motivation, age and personal circumstances.
    5. Do you complement each other?

Knowing how you’re the same as or different from your boss, and how you complement each other, will help you work together more effectively, to get any task done.

2. Explain how you are best managed. You boss should ask you, but probably won’t, so why not tell them? Be crystal clear about how you prefer to be managed, to make it easier for them. Just because someone is your boss, doesn’t mean that they are naturally good at being a boss. The easier you can make it for them, the stronger your relationship will be.

3. Communicate clearly. We’re all very busy and life can be complicated. Make sure that you communicate clearly, to save time and minimise mistakes – by you or your boss. Time is short, so be clear, be concise, be correct. Learn to speak your boss’s language – match the words and phrases that they use. Learn how best to communicate with them.

4. Keep your promises. Start by being crystal clear about what you will deliver. Give the timescale within which you can deliver what you say you can. Add milestones along the way so that you can check your progress and so that your boss can see how you’re getting on too. Always deliver what you promise, on time and on budget.

5. Do not deliver any surprises – ever! If you can’t deliver, say so, as soon as you know that there’s a problem. Bad news delivered early is easier to digest than bad news delivered late. Show your boss how you will resolve the situation, rather than just telling them that there’s a problem. Create a reputation for delivering on your promises.

If you thought that the way to get a pay rise, a promotion or a better working relationship with your boss was all down to them, think again. Show them how you can save them time and effort, by taking responsibility for your career and you’ll find it much easier to get ahead.

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