How You Benefit

Our overall approach is unique, based around the Three Es – Engage, Event and Evaluate.

Engage: We don’t just turn up on the day with no preparation. We engage with the individualswho will attend the event, with their line managers to discuss support and how we’ll measure success, and with the organisation to agree specific objectives to maximise the return on your investment.

Event: We’re effective because we’re flexible, providing the delivery option that best suits your objectives and minimises disruption to your business: getting 30 in a room or working 1-2-1.

Evaluate: Yes, we measure what staff have learned at the end of the event (all training companies do), but we also measure whether they stick to it by evaluating permanent changein the workplace a few weeks later, and we’ll also measure the long-term return on your investment. Funny how few training companies do.

Here’s how you benefit.

We’re big on participation and we’re engaging – so people really get involved, remember what they’ve learned and transfer it from the workshop to the workplace. We work hard at that.

We offer Power Sessions and bite-sized learning – two hours that make a difference so in these busy times you don’t have to release people from your operation for longer than necessary.

We work at all levels from CEO to the shopfloor and we are always business focused – so you get practical results from our specific action plans.

“Extremely good.  Introduced plenty of humour and showed significant understanding of individuals’ needs in a short timeframe”

Johnson Matthey

We provide a safe environment to learn – so people build confidence and practise the skills to excel at their jobs.

We have a wide network of associates across a range of specialist areas – so you tap into our insight and expertise in all market and public-service sectors.

Our hours are flexible and we work UK-wide and overseas – so we come wherever and whenever you want, including evenings and weekends.

“Very engaging, knowledgeable and good at supporting points with anecdotes”

Public Library of Science

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