Who is Supporting You?

In life and in business, we all need support. We don’t always have all the answers, especially when faced with a new challenge or a different direction. You could try to go it alone, but is that the best way to progress?

More and more people who are looking to reach higher levels – of career or performance – are turning to coaching to find the support and guidance that they need. But what is coaching and how can it help you on your journey? Here’s my take on it.

What is Coaching Anyway?

Many people still don’t know what coaching is and have not tried it. For those who have experienced the benefits, a coaching session is often the best time for them to stop and think. It can give you the space in which you can take stock and think properly.

Coaching is a process of partnering and support. It’s not about an expert turning up with the solutions to your problems and telling you how to solve them. Coaches use techniques to help you to figure out your own solutions, responses, desires and ways of achieving a goal and the life, career or business that you want. Coaching is always forward focused. It’s about looking to where you want to go – applying for that promotion, nailing that challenging project, addressing those nagging issues with your team. It focuses on how to get you there, rather than looking back at what might have stopped you in the past. And along the way you will probably learn a lot about yourself.

The Power of Being Heard

Active listening is essential in coaching. A coach will listen to you for what you are saying and for what you are NOT saying. Just being heard is really powerful. A coach knows that everything that you say is important. They will play back the essence of what they hear you say, allowing you to hear your own words, which you may not actually notice as you say them.

Spending time with a coach will actually slow your life down for the time that you are with them, as they ask you questions that allow you to think about your situation from a different angle. Coaches ask powerful questions to help you to stop and think. “What would you do if you could do that?” There is no judgment in coaching. There is just the coach holding up a mirror to show you how you talk about yourself and your life. It’s what they notice – for example how you respond or change when you say certain words or phrases; or the language that you use when you talk about a certain aspect of your life or work.

Many people approach coaching with a particular issue that they want to work on. A good coach will use playing back and questioning to help you get completely clear on your goal and where you want to get to. It’s not counselling, but coaching can bring up emotions and issues that lie beneath the surface. The process can be amazingly powerful in helping you to move on in your life and your work. Coaching gives you a safe place, so that you can open up and really see how you might be holding yourself back with, for example, limiting beliefs and unhelpful stories. We tell ourselves stories that we don’t even hear most of the time – a coach notices them and can help you to open up and see different options and possibilities.

Start Before You Start

Another surprising benefit of coaching is that you start the work just by making the appointment with a coach and turning up to the session. It is the gift that you have allowed yourself – the possibility that you can be the best that you can be and it starts by committing to the work.

Above all, coaching is about change – changing yourself, your business or your life. You can use coaching to find confidence and self-belief, to find your voice and to get the support that you need, to be able to move forwards. A coach can show you what you’re capable of achieving. If you’re offered coaching by your employer, grab the opportunity straight away. And if you’re not offered coaching, then seek it out.

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