What is Coaching Anyway?

In life and in business, we all need support. We don’t always have all the answers, especially when faced with a new challenge or a different direction. You could try to go it alone, but is that the best way to progress?

More and more people who are looking to reach higher levels – of career or performance – are turning to coaching to find the support and guidance that they need. But what is coaching and how can it help you on your journey? Here’s an example for you.

School of Support

I spoke at a conference earlier this year and afterwards, one of the delegates asked me for my support. He works at a school and has responsibility for all the non-academic areas, including finance, IT, marketing, HR, building maintenance and catering. He was proud of being a hands-on manager but was becoming overwhelmed. It was just like he had too many tabs open on his laptop so it was running too slowly – a bit like trying to keep too many plates spinning. He knew that the next year could be tougher as he would have to build a relationship with a new Head Teacher who was joining the school. He really needed someone to talk to, to listen to him and support him, so this is what I did.

This helped him to see that he needed to delegate more to his team – handing over the work that he really needed someone else to do. I also helped him to think strategically, looking at the bigger picture as well as dealing with day to day issues. He saw that he needed to step up from being operational and using his technical skills, to spend more time actually managing his team.

My coaching sessions are spent with me asking my clients questions and listening when they need to talk. Giving them that space and support always allows them to find the best solution to their challenges and to move on.

Coaching Packages

Coaching packages can be designed around your particular needs and the usual structure that I start with is as follows:

  • Initial telephone conversation
  • First meeting to set your objectives, agree the outputs and identify your key personal strengths
  • Second meeting about three weeks later to review your progress and provide feedback and support
  • Third meeting around four weeks after the second meeting, to keep reviewing your progress, capture learning and plan your next steps
  • Regular telephone contact and support throughout the process.

This format can be extended as you reach your goals and set yourself more challenges.

“Thank you so much for your help, encouragement and mentoring. I can truly say that you have helped me and been a positive influence with my job search. Thank you so much.”

Dave West, recent client

If you would like to have the same support and success that Dave and my other coaching clients regularly see, call me now on 07866 562 957 or click here to email me.

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