What’s the Best Way to Manage Your Boss? Part Two

Do you manage your boss or do you let your boss manage you? To get the best from your job and your career, it needs to be a two-way relationship. I believe that there are ten key things that you can do to take responsibility for the relationship. We covered the first five in a previous blog – click here if you missed them or if you’d like a reminder.

Here are the remaining five key things that you can do to get the best from your relationship with your boss.

So you know your strengths, you’ve told your boss how you’d like to be managed and you’re delivering on your promises. What else do you need to do?

6. Ask for help to prioritise. You need to ask what the priorities are and when new work arrives, ask where it fits into your other work. Is it more important than what you’re already working on? Is it more or less or urgent? Do you need to drop something else in order to fit this in?

7. Provide solutions not problems. Always think things through and go to your boss with suggested solutions, rather than just telling them that there’s a problem. Look at the pros and cons and different solutions and consider a ‘do nothing’ option. Be prepared to clearly state your view.

8. Over prepare for every meeting. Build a reputation for being prepared. Make sure that you look prepared, by taking with you the folders and files that you need. Use reference numbers and a system to allow you to find exactly what you need at each meeting.

9. Be low maintenance. This is about being easy to work with and being self-motivated. Share your learning with your colleagues and your boss. Look for opportunities for your company – don’t just wait to be told what’s happening. Provide data before you’re asked for it and keep looking for ways to add value to the company.

10. Make your boss look good! Look for ways to make your boss look good. This could include providing them with the reports that they need to present to their boss or the Board. It can include sharing learning and opportunities with them, rather than keeping them to yourself. Use your strengths to really complement theirs and help to make their team a really productive one.

If you thought that the way to get a pay rise, a promotion or a better working relationship with your boss was all down to them, think again. Make their job easier by being a good person to work with and they’ll find it much easier to reward you properly.

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