Three Top Tips on How to Present Your Best You at an Interview

Giving a presentation at an interview is a fantastic way to show that you know your subject and that you can communicate in an engaging way.

Here are three top tips for presenting your best you at an interview:


1. Look the part – dress to impress. Unfortunately most people decide on a first impression based on what they see, even if they try not to. Our unconscious mind makes a decision before you know about it, so make sure that you dress to impress at your interviews.


2. Work on the way you speak – speak up and enunciate, so that there is no doubt about what you are saying. Standing up allows you to breathe properly and project your voice more, so when you’re invited to sit down at an interview, make sure that you sit up. Always stand up when you’re giving a presentation.


3. Remember the power of the smile! A smile helps you seem approachable and friendly, so make sure that you smile when you’re first meeting someone and remember to keep smiling throughout your interview and presentation.


These simple tips are easy to remember and can make a huge difference, helping you to really stand out at your next interview.


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