Speaking Up at Networking Events Can Help You Promote Your Business – Part 2

PresentingWhen you run a service business and you need an efficient way of building up trusting relationships with potential clients, sharing your knowledge and expertise by speaking up at networking events can help you to do this.

But how do you get the best from speaking at events? In this second blog, we’ll share some tips to give you the confidence to stand up to speak and to do a great job when you do.


The ABCD of Introductions

A is for Attention – use an opening line that gets the attention of your audience. You can find out what B, C and D stand for by watching the short video on our website.

Click here to watch this video.

Three Top Tips

Here are three more top tips for speaking up at networking meetings:

1. Develop an engaging single sentence to describe what you do. “I shoot people for a living” is what I’ve heard a photographer say! Think of something that is different from what other people in your industry typically say.

2. Less is more. Focus on the problems that you solve, especially if you sell business services. Or talk about how you can help business owners to do what they set up the business to do. No one (other than Accountants) sets up a business to do accounting, so if you’re an Accountant, show people how you can give them back the time that they want to do what they love doing.

3. Speaking up is a good way to improve your presentation skills. The audience will be supportive, especially if you fill your talk with value. Most people in the audience are happy that someone else is speaking and not them!

Just remember that if you’ve never given a talk in public before, get some training or one-to-one coaching first.

We can help you to improve your presentation skills, so if you would like some one-to-one coaching, click here to email us or call us on 01483 303 593.

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