Seven Questions You Should Ask Yourself at the End of Each Day

Every day people will ask you questions. “Have you finished that project yet?” “What time does the meeting start?” “What’s for dinner?”

But how often do you take the time to ask yourself a few questions, to see how you’re getting on? By asking ourselves questions we can ensure that we learn from our activities and make life easier in the future. Here we look at seven questions that you can ask yourself, that will not only help you to take a positive perspective on your day, but also set up your tomorrow for greater success. They come courtesy of The Huffington Post.

Here are the seven questions to ask yourself:

One.       What did I learn today?

Just because you’re no longer in school doesn’t mean that you have to stop learning about the world around you. In fact, research suggests that a constant pursuit of new information as you grow older may contribute to more well-being. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few words in a new language or how to use new technology. How can you end each day with more knowledge than the day before?

Two.      How do I feel?

Your emotional wellness is just as crucial as your physical wellness. In health care, the mind and body tend to be split, but the two actually work in tandem. Pay attention to shifts in your thoughts and feelings; if they go unresolved it could start affecting your behaviour.  Rate how you feel on a scale from 1 (hacked off) to 10 (ecstatic)

Three.      How did I make others feel?

How you treat someone else says a lot about who you are. Approaching others with compassion, authenticity and kindness can go a long way. In fact, research suggests that extending generosity to others not only improves their lives, but increases your well-being too.

Four.      What can I do better tomorrow?

No one is perfect. We are all constantly making tiny errors or massive mistakes, but we’re still here. It’s important to acknowledge your hiccups and set goals for yourself for the future. In other words, make friends with failure, as it gives you clarity.

Five.      What am I grateful for?

Gratitude isn’t just some vague, spiritual concept that only works if you believe it does. There is actual science behind practising a little thankfulness. Studies show that writing down what you’re grateful for can lead to stronger relationships, better sleep and increased happiness.

Six.    How much stress did I experience?

Burnout is a silent killer when it comes to your productivity and happiness. If you just roll through the motions each day without taking a critical look at your life, you may not realise how exhausted you really are until it is too late. Check in with your battery and recharge it.

Seven.    What made me smile?

Everyone deserves to end their day on a happy note. Just think of how much better you’ll sleep if you go to bed with more jubilant thoughts. If your day was the absolute worst, do something to cheer yourself up before you go to bed. A hot bath or a giggle in front of your favourite funny film will help you sleep much better.

Take a few minutes at the end of each day to ask yourself these questions. Write down the answers if you want to and see how you can use your answers to create a brilliant tomorrow for yourself.

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