Is Your Performance Management Process Behind the Times?

Getting the best from the people is essential if a business isgoing to survive and thrive. But you can’t just expect people to come to work and do their best for you, every single day, without some support and input from you. You need a process that monitors their performance and highlights when there might be a problem that needs to be addressed.

In this blog we’ll look at how to make sure that your Performance Management process is doing what you need it to do.

People come to work with three questions. They are:

“What do you want me to do?” People need clarity as to why the company pays them every month to do what they do. Do they have a Job Description or similar document that clearly states what they are expected to do every day?

“How are you going to measure my performance?” When they know what’s expected of them, they need clarity on what is being measured by their manager. Do they have clear objectives to be measured and assessed?

“How am I doing?” People need regular feedback on what they’re doing well and areas for improvement. Employees and managers need to have monthly conversations on performance, which make the annual appraisal discussion easier and more effective. If you ask the manager of any member of staff how that person is doing this week or this month, will they know?

Your Performance Management process needs to answer each of these questions. It is really difficult to give clarity if you don’t have clarity, so make sure that your managers have the clarity they need, in order to set objectives for their team members and carry out effective performance discussions. When the system works well, you can really use it to improve the performance of your people and your business.

How do you find out if your Performance Management process is behind the times?


The early warning signs of a system not being fit for purpose include the number of appraisal forms being filled in and the number of appraisal meetings being booked and held. If only 80% of your staff are completing appraisal forms or having appraisals, that means that 1 in 5 people might not actually be doing what you’re paying them to do.

If you don’t have performance discussions with your staff on a regular basis, they might just up and leave to go somewhere else, to work for someone who will discuss with them how good they are. The danger is that if someone is really good at their job, you stop having conversations with them, because you can just rely on them to do a good job, can’t you? But that can be very demotivating to some people, who might suddenly leave, without any warning. Staff leaving unexpectedly is another sign of an ineffective Performance Management process.

Some people need to be told every day that they’re doing a great job; others find it embarrassing to have that conversation as often as once a year. The role of the managers is to find out what each person wants and manage them how they want to be managed. Don’t manage through trial and error – ask! By doing this you can create a Performance Management process that suits everyone and helps you get the best of them, for the future of your business.

Three Top Tips


Here are three tips to help youto decide if your Performance Management process is behind the times or up to date:

·         Look for early warning sign about deployment – is everyone following the process and if not why not?

·         Does your process match the culture of your company? Or are you a fast moving IT company using a paper based system?

·         Have you trained the receivers and givers of the process recently? Have you told them about any changes you might have made to the process? If you’ve not given your staff or your managers any training for a number of years, some of your people – the newer ones – won’t understand the process.

Look out for these warning signs and if you spot any of them, don’t let them go by without dealing with them. It’s time to review your Performance Management process and make sure that your employees are doing their best for your business.

Is Your Performance Management Process Up to Date?


When did you last review your Performance Management process? Is it up to date?

One of our clients is an educational establishment who asked for help with assessing their Performance Management process and with Appraisal training. They are Ofsted regulated so the process has to be structured. They teach creative subjects so they aren’t so keen on structure! We’re showing them how to develop a balance that works for both the managers and the staff, which will enable the entire business to become more effective.

If you would like a review of your Performance Management process, to see if it is up to date, or if it could be improved, please do get in touch. Call us on 01483 303 593 or click here to email us and we can talk about how we can help you.

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