How to Handle Internal Interviews

Have you ever had to apply for your own job?

It can happen as a result of downsizing when only one person is needed instead of two and the management need to decide between them. Or it can occur when someone is moving from an interim to a permanent position.

In every situation, it can be a daunting prospect for the interviewee. If you’re asking your existing staff to apply for their own jobs, there’s a lot you can do to make the process less worrying for them and easier and more effective for you. Read on to find out how.

‘Getting a New Job’ is a one day course we run to help internal candidates to learn about competency based interviews. It helps them to be at their best, as they understand more about the modern day recruitment process.

If you’ve had the same job for 10 years, you won’t have had a competency based interview to get that job in the first place. If you’re asking someone to apply for a job that they’ve had for many years, chances are that they won’t know what to expect from the new way of interviewing. They won’t know what you’re looking for or how to put themselves across in the best way.

Competency based interviews involve asking your candidates to give  examples of when they’ve carried out tasks that they will have to perform in this new role. Questions you’re likely to ask include: “Give me an example of when you did X”.

Questions about industry experience will not be part of a competency interview – yet this is what many internal interviewees will expect. Instead you’re more likely to ask questions that require candidates to demonstrate that they have a particular skill or a ‘key competency’ that you’re looking for. You’ll need them to do this by using examples from their experiences, to illustrate their personality, skillset and individual competencies.

Competency based interviews may also feature questions that quiz candidates on their knowledge of your company and industry. This type of interview question tests them on their motivation and commitment to staying with your business.

Whatever questions you ask in your competency based interviews, they should be standardised, so that all the candidates are asked the same questions. This will make your decision easier, so plan your questions and your interviews carefully and you’ll have an excellent way of finding the best candidate for your internal position.

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