How Exactly Do You Persuade Other People to Say Yes?

In my previous blog I wrote about Cialdini’s Six Principles of Influence and how you can use them. Click here to read it.

While there are six principles, here are just three ways in which you can use them:

  1. Reciprocity & Scarcity – think about what you want from other people and work out what you can give them in return. If what they want is scarce, show them how you can get it for them.
  2. Social Proof & Authority – create a buzz around your idea, getting people talking about it and generating support from influential people in your organisation, who may or may not be managers.
  3. Liking & Consistency – invest time and effort into building good relationships, so you can build trust and rapport with people that you work with and behave consistently. Don’t try too hard to be liked!


Get to know Cialdini’s Six Principles of Influence and look at how you can use them correctly, to persuade other people to say Yes.

Be Careful How You Use the Six Principles

It is very easy to use these principles to mislead or deceive people – for instance, to persuade someone to do your work for you!

Make sure that you use the principles honestly.  Be completely truthful and only persuade people to do things that are good for them. Persuading someone to do things that are wrong for them is manipulative and unethical. And it’s clearly wrong to cheat or lie about these things – in fact, it may be fraudulent.

A good reputation takes a long time to build and you can lose it in a moment!



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