How Do You Use Your Dashboard?

How Do You Use Your Dashboard?

How do you measure the performance of your business or your job role? Create a dashboard! This is a collection of a handful of measures that accurately assess your activity and success. Your dashboard doesn’t need to look like the cockpit of a 747, but more like the dashboard of a standard car – something you can glance at, on a regular basis, to make sure that you’re up to speed and keeping on track.

It’s a three stage process:

  • Decide what to measure – so that you don’t spend all your time measuring your work rather than doing it, pick a maximum of five things to measure. These could be the days that you’ve spent earning fees, your average day rate, the number of sales calls that you’ve made, the proposals that you’ve sent out, or your social media activity if that’s your focus. What you measure will be different from everyone else – it needs to be personal to you and based on what you’re setting out to achieve.
  • Then you can compare this month’s measurements to last month’s and track your progress. (Or this week’s to last week’s.) Don’t just put in the numbers without looking at how they differ from the last measurements that you took.
  • Finally, remember to take action! If you measure the number of calls you make, or the number of interviews you attend and the numbers are lower this month than last month, what are you going to do about it? Make a plan of action, so that you see an increase when you measure and check your dashboard again next month.


Use a dashboard to track your progress and you’ll find it a simple way to drive your business or your career forward.

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