How Do You Make the Most of Monthly Transitions?

Making the most of a monthly transition is simple. The first thing to do it set aside time in your diary to spend time on your review. Pick the last working day of each month, the last Friday, the first Monday or whatever works for you. Go through your diary for the rest of this year and block out time for each monthly transition.


  1.           Create a list of what you need to review – marketing activity, sales pipeline, income, number of interviews.
  2.           Create a list of what you need to do to help you meet your goals. What didn’t get done this month that needs to be rolled over? Why didn’t you achieve it? Perhaps you need some help in some areas.
  3.           Allocate time to do the work. Creating a ‘to do’ list won’t get things done. Set aside time in your diary to work on completing any outstanding tasks, to make a great start to the next month.


Don’t let one month slip into the next and one year disappear into another. Make transitions with intent and you’ll find it much easier to meet your goals and get to where you want to be.


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