How Do You Focus on Your Strengths?

How often do we really focus on what we’re good at, rather than what we think we should be better at? How many performance reviews have you had that focus on improving your weaknesses rather than getting more from your strengths?

We are all great at doing some things and less good at doing others. I think we should focus on things we are good at – our energising strengths – rather than spending our energy trying to be good at things that don’t come naturally to us.

Here are three things you can do to focus on your strengths:

· Start by picking five things that you can do easily, where you already apply your strengths, and two things that you find harder to do but would like to improve.

· Next, ask a few other people what they think you’re good at and what they think you’re not so good at. Compare their answers with your own from the first step. You’ll be surprised how different they can be!

· Then, look for more opportunities to apply your top strengths and think about how you can get more from them. Look also for ways of using your strengths to improve a couple of tasks that you’re not so good at yet. Build up your portfolio gradually.

It’s always best to acknowledge what you’re good at and think about how to apply your strengths and get more from them. When you accept that you don’t have to be great at everything, you can focus on doing the things that you’re already really good at and get even better results from them.

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