How Can You Learn Five New Things Every Day?

This is the season of resolutions. Lose weight, get fit, go to the gym, stop smoking, get a new job, give up chocolate … the list is endless. The problem with resolutions is that most people can’t stick to them, so I believe that the best one you can make this year is to commit to learning five new things every day.

Here are some tips to get you started on learning five new things each day:

·         Find a place to write down the five things you learn each day. It could be the last thing you do before you leave the office, so type them into a spreadsheet. It could be last thing you do before you go to sleep, in which case, a note book by your bed is ideal.

·         Look at your list and think about how what you’ve learnt can make tomorrow better. Then write down what you’re going to do about it tomorrow! In the February issue of this newsletter, we’ll come back to this when we look at how to improve your personal effectiveness, so get started right away.

·         At the end of today, click here to share with me the five new things that you’ve learnt today!

Learning five new things every day is like eating five portions of fresh fruit or vegetables every day – easy to do, easy to stick to and a great way to keep your mind healthy. No need to make any other resolutions this year!

 Posted on 18/01/2014


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