How Can You Get Your Resolutions Back on Track?

Did you set some New Year’s resolutions at the end of last year, or the beginning of this year? How are you getting on with them? Many people struggle to follow through with what they’ve said they’re going to do, or not do. This is possibly because too many of us think how nice it would be stop smoking, lose weight, relax more, look for that new job … without really thinking about how we’re going to achieve it.

Setting resolutions at the start of the New Year is very tempting. We get caught up in the idea of setting new goals and challenging ourselves. Yet how many of us end up getting carried away with what we think we can achieve or do or change or stop doing? Then we look back on our resolutions at the end of the year – or worse, only a couple of months into the New Year – and realise that we are way off target. Why does this happen and what can you do about it?

Here are three tips to help you get your resolutions back on track:

  • Keep your goals visible. Put them onto your screen saver or write them out clearly and put them somewhere you can easily see them on a daily basis
  • Spread the delivery dates of your objectives throughout the year. Don’t think that you have to achieve everything in the first month; and don’t leave them all until the end of the year
  • Break your goals down into small digestible chunks or milestones, to generate a sense of progress towards your final goal; celebrate every small success that you achieve on the way to your larger goal.


Follow these tips and you will have a much higher chance of sticking to your New Year’s resolutions – or any goals that you set.

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