Getting Ready for an Interview? Do Your Homework!

These days you can’t just turn up at an interview and hope for the best. You need to prepare the answers that you’re likely to have to give. In addition, most interviewers will ask if you have any questions. Always ask something – have your questions prepared in advance, so show that you’ve done your homework on the company and the job. Ask engaging questions such as “What are the challenges for the company in the next 12 months?” If it feels right, you can even ask the interviewer “Why do you work here?”

Never ask “When will I hear?” And never ask about money at the first interview!

Here are a few other things you need to do, ahead of your interview:

  • Look as if you’ve made an effort. This means shaving, gents!
  • Make sure your chosen hair style works, so that you don’t spend the whole interview pushing your hair out of your eyes and distracting your interviewer.
  • Get there five minutes before the interview time – not earlier and definitely not later!
  • Practise a firm handshake as it will make a good first impression.
  • Finally, when you arrive, manage your nerves by grounding yourself. When you sit down, push your feet firmly into the floor rather than sitting with legs crossed.  Take deep breaths and show them how great you are.

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Good luck!


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