Do You Want to Achieve More this Year?

The dashboard in your car is a really effective way of keeping track of your progress. It shows you how fast you’re going, how far you’ve travelled and how much fuel you have left in the tank. These days, some cars will even tell you what time you’ll reach your destination and where the next petrol station is. The dashboard provides a quick way to see the important information that you need, without you having to wade through a long report and take your eyes off the road. It will help you reach your destination safely and on time.

You can use a dashboard in just the same way in your life or business, to make you more effective and to help you reach your destination.


How does a Dashboard work?


First decide on your goal – complete a project, run a half marathon, double your sales turnover, read a new book every month?

Next, choose up to five measures that will track your progress, making them a mix of activities and achievements. It is important to measure both. This is because if you just measure your achievements you’ll lose sight of how much work it took to reach each one. Just measuring activity means that you’ll lose sight of why you’re doing what you’re doing – the big target thatyou’re aiming for.


So if you’re training for that half marathon in the summer, your activity measures could include the number of times you go running each week and the time you spend in the gym every week. Your achievements might include running six miles at Easter and then ten miles in June. Your final achievement, of course, would be crossing the finish line of the big event!

Then create your dashboard, using words, pictures and colours – whatever inspires you – so that you can look at it on a regular basis. Your dashboard might be a spreadsheet that counts down the weeks to the ‘big event’ or it could be a flip chart on your office wall. However you create it, you need to put it somewhere that you can see it easily – just like the dashboard in your car.


Keep it Up to Date


Once you’ve created your dashboard, you need to use it! Look at it every day or week, to track your progress and decide on your next steps. Update it to record your progress – how many pages of the book you’ve read or sales achieved. Record your activity – the number of sales calls you made last week or the number of times that you went running and how far you ran.


Good luck and enjoy your journey this year!

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