Developing Your Cultural Web

In our previous article – Bring your company culture to life – we took a look at how to understand the culture of your company.

As a follow on, we wanted to share some useful questions you can ask when using the cultural web:

  1. Routines and rituals – what behaviour do routines encourage? What are the key rituals? What core beliefs do they reflect? How easy are your rituals and routines to change?
  2. Stories – what core beliefs do your company stories reflect? Do your stories relate to strengths or weaknesses, successes or failures, conformity or mavericks? Who are the heroes and villains in your company? Do they still work in your company?
  3. Symbols – are there particular symbols which represent the company? What status symbols are there? What language and jargon are used?
  4. Power structures – how is power distributed in the company? What are the core beliefs of the leadership? How strongly held are these beliefs? Where are the main blockages to change?
  5. Organisational structures – how mechanistic or organic are the structures? How flat or hierarchical are they? How formal or informal are the structures? Do they encourage collaboration or competition?
  6. Control systems – what is most closely controlled and monitored? Is emphasis on reward or punishment? Are controls related to history or current strategies?

When you can answer these questions, you can start to build your company’s Cultural Web, bringing to life the way you do things and the culture of your company.


What Does Your Cultural Web Look Like?

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