Can You Build on Your Strengths?

You’re already really good at carrying out certain tasks. How do you know what they are? They are the things which you do that take no energy at all. You find them easy to do and when you’re doing them, time just flies by.

There are some other tasks that you can do, but they take a lot of your energy to get them done. These are tasks that you’ve learnt to do, probably through necessity.

Then there is a third group of tasks that you’re just not so good at. They can take up a huge amount of energy to complete and they wear you out. You never look forward to doing these things – and you’ll probably put them off for as long as you can!

Some people think that they should be able to do everything – especially when they run their own business. Many people don’t want to ask for help and will soldier on, learning to do more and more things. But it doesn’t have to be like this! If you run your own business and you don’t like doing something, outsource it to another company; if you manage a team, you can delegate tasks to team members who can do what needs to be done.

You’ll also find that life is a lot easier when you focus on your strengths and you accept you’re not good at some things – and that you can’t be good at everything! The energy that you waste trying to do the things that you struggle to do is much better invested in doing what you find easier. You’ll get much better performance results in your job or business if you stick to doing what you’re good at. This will show up when you measure your performance – something we talked about in the previous issue of this newsletter which you can see here.

Some managers take on staff who are really good at some tasks and then try to make them good at too many other tasks. Don’t expect them to be great at everything and don’t expect to be great at everything yourself!

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