Bring Your Company Culture to Life

In business, we often talk and think about the culture of our companies. What do we mean by ‘culture’ and what can we do to understand it better? By looking at the Cultural Web of the company.

Company culture can be defined as the ‘basic assumptions and beliefs that are shared by members of a company, that operate unconsciously and define in a ‘taken-for-granted’ fashion a company’s view of itself and its environment’. In other words, it is the collective behaviours in a company.

Trying to understand the culture of your company is very important and not straightforward. This is where you can use the Cultural Web. It is a representation of the assumptions, or paradigm, of a company and the physical manifestations of culture. There are six interconnecting elements of the Cultural Web:

1. The rituals of the company are particular activities or special events through which the company emphasises what is important and reinforces ‘the way we do things around here’.

2. The stories told by people within the company to each other and to outsiders, embed the present in the history of the company and also highlight important events and personalities. They cover successes, disasters, heroes, villains and mavericks.

3. Symbols such as logos, offices, cars and titles can be a representation of the nature of the company.

4. Power structures are also likely to influence the key assumptions. The most powerful groupings are likely to be closely associated with the core assumptions and beliefs.

5. Organisational structure is likely to reflect power and show important roles and relationships. Formal, hierarchical, mechanistic structures may show that working on strategy is the role of managers and everyone else is ‘working to orders’. Highly devolved structures may signify that collaboration is more important than competition, for example.

6. The control systems are the measurements and reward systems which show what is important to monitor in the company.

What does this mean for your company?

What Does Your Cultural Web Look Like?
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