Are You Getting the Best Return on Your Networking Investment? Part Two

Following from our last blog about what to do before a networking meeting, this post looks at what you can do during a networking meeting to make it really productive.

You’ve done your planning before you go to a meeting so now you need to think about what to do …

During the meeting …

  • Get your smile out of the car and put it on!
  • When someone asks you a question, answer it and then ask “And how about you?” This puts the focus on them and lets you find out more about them.
  • Move on. Don’t spend all your time speaking to the same people. If you get stuck with them, introduce them to others and then politely excuse yourself.
  • Less is more! If you’re given a minute to present your business, finish well before time, rather than rushing to cram too much in.
  • Be interested and be interesting.

Thinking about what you’re doing while you’re networking will help you use your networking time more effectively. But it doesn’t stop when you leave the room, because …

What about after the meeting? Read our next blog post to find out!

To download afree checklist that you can use, click here.

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