Are You Getting the Best Return on Your Networking Investment? Part Three

If you’ve recently started attending networking meetings, you need a checklist to remind you what to do, until it becomes second nature. If you’ve been networking for years, it can be easy to forget the basics, so a checklist will be helpful for you too.

In Part Three of this series we’re looking at what you need to do once you leave a networking meeting.

After the meeting …

  • Follow up! Send a quick e-mail or make a call to the people that you’ve spoken to. This doesn’t mean adding everyone on the list to your database!
  • Go regularly. Spend time meeting the same people to really get to know them and their business. Develop trusting relationships with them.
  • Keep in touch. Connect with people that you’ve met on LinkedIn and ask them if they’d like to receive your e-mail newsletter.
  • Log the business that you get from different networking meetings. Keep going to the ones that work and don’t go to the ones that don’t. Measure the return on investment that you’re getting.
  • Think about what you’ve learned from each meeting that you attend. What went well? What will you do differently next time?

Follow these tips and you’ll get a much better return on your networking investment.

To download afree checklist that you can use, click here.

There’s also a video on our website that you can watch that gives you more networking tips. Click here to watch it.



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