Are You Getting the Best Return on Your Networking Investment? Part One

Networking is a very effective way of promoting your business and meeting the right people. Whether you’ve just started going to networking meetings, or you’ve been doing it for years, you need to think about how you do it and how to get the best return from your investment of time and money.

This post looks at what you can do before you go to a networking meeting, to make sure you get the best from it.

First you need to do some preparation, so that you arrive at meetings in the right frame of mind.

Before you go …

  • Make sure you have plenty of good quality business cards that make a good first impression.
  • Keep your smile and positive attitude in the car, ready to use. If you wake up not wanting to go to that networking breakfast, then don’t go – it could do your reputation more harm than good.
  • Be low maintenance. Have the right money and plan your journey to turn up on time. If you book and can’t make it, let the organiser know with a quick text.
  • Prepare some company literature to hand out – business cards, fliers for a special offer or a banner.
  • If you have the opportunity to stand up and introduce yourself then plan what you’re going to say.  Practise it so you can say it without rushing or referring to notes.

Planning your networking before you go helps you to attend the right meetings and make the right impression. Next time we’ll look at what to during the meeting.

To download afree checklist that you can use, click here.

There’s also a video on our website that you can watch that gives you more networking tips. Click here to watch it.



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