Key Skills for Flexible Communication

In last month’s blog I wrote about flexible communication and how important it is to be aware of what makes other people tick. When you can see how other people are different to you, youRead more

How Flexible is Your Communication?

Something that continues to amaze me is the myriad different ways that people ‘tick’. I am constantly surprised by the things that people say and do, the things that are important to them, the thingsRead more

Why Not Set SMARTER Goals for 2019?

SMART goals are usually attributed to Peter Drucker’s Management by Objectives concept. The principal advantage of SMART goals is that they are easy to understand and you can easily see as and when you achieveRead more

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Whether you’re looking for networking advice, ideas on how to grow your business or interview tips, we’ve covered many of these topics in our blog posts. Just click on the links below to find lotsRead more

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Time to Get Some Fresh Air and Be Mindful Three Top Tips for Using Belbin Team Roles What Role Do You Play in Your Team? Three Top Tips on How to Present Your Best YouRead more